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Bavarian culture

In Bavaria custom and traditions have been preserved and are still kept alive, in particular in rural areas. When you are staying at Camping-Resort Allweglehen, you will have the opportunity to attend traditional and historic events and festivals, which are organised in Bavaria throughout the year


Extract from the Bavarian anthem:

God bless you, Bavarian country,
native soil, homeland!
He shall reign over the vast counties
with his beneficent and mighty hand!
He shall keep watch over the fields
and protect the urban homes!
He shall preserve the colours
of heaven forever, blue and white!


Holidays in Bavaria

The people in Bavaria are very proud of their traditions and ancient customs. Due to this attachment the Bavarian dialect and the local customs have largely been safeguarded. It is these traditions and customs, apart from nature, the countryside, “Berchtesgaden” National Park with its wealth of hiking routes and the innumerable visitor attractions, such as Lake "Königssee", "Kehlsteinhaus" Inn and the Salt Mine, to which our region, just like entire Bavaria, owes its popularity as holiday destination.

So come and enjoy a stay at our camping site on the southern edge of Bavaria. We are looking forward to your visit. Numerous leisure facilities, such as a high ropes park, hiking trails and the on-site swimming pool as well as ample campsite amenities, which are second to none, await you.

You are welcome for winter camping, too. Our camping site provides a private ski slope. Gourmets are also well served. The restaurant of Camping-Resort Allweglehen offers a rich and varied menu, comprising excellent traditional food and a selection of seasonal dishes.